Financial Information

Please note that course fees and maintenance costs are separate for national and international applicants.

International applicants must apply to LVPEI through their sponsoring agencies and include in their applications a letter from their sponsoring agency guaranteeing financial support. They are not eligible for stipends given by LVPEI, although they can receive a stipend from their sponsoring agencies.

Course Fees: Course fees for Indian applicants vary according to the department and the subspecialty; please see individual sections for exact rates.

Living Costs: Accommodation is provided free of cost. The average cost of food at the campus canteen is estimated at INR 4000 per month for Indian applicants and $3 per day for international applicants.

Stipends: Stipends are only available for Indian applicants who are applying for long-term fellowships in ophthalmology, optometry, eye bank training, or vision rehabilitation. Fellowships and program not mentioned here do not provide for stipends.

The stipends provided are as follows:
Long-term fellowships in comprehensive ophthalmology and the subspecialties:
INR 15000 per month

  • Long-term fellowship in optometry: INR 3000 per month

Stipend and Leave Benefits

All long-term fellows receive a monthly stipend by LVPEI during the program, unless otherwise stated. Trainees sponsored by other organizations receive the stipend from the sponsoring agency. All long-term fellows are entitled to leave of absence as per the rules that govern the fellowship. Short-term trainees do not receive any stipend or leave benefits